Premium Local Service:

I  live in the Northwest corner of New Jersey close to New York and Pennsylvania.  Local service is mostly limited to Sussex, Passaic and Bergen counties in NJ, Orange county in New York and Pike county in PA.  I may service other areas, but a premium and expenses will be applied.

World Class Competition Service:

My flagship horse show service is top-of-the-line, standard-setting service. My many years of experience supporting the best show horses and people nationally and worldwide adds comfort to your event. Competitors and organizers are people who cannot afford to settle for anything less than the best.  I rely on my relationships established through the years as a farrier and an event organizer with other farriers, show officials, trainers, and riders to provide a uniquely valuable service.

Clinical and Lameness Service:

This service is based on referrals from clients and equine veterinarians.  I work continuously to be as well educated and skilled in helping your horse be sound and for you to understand the situation. Remember: I can supply the specialized custom shoes, materials (which are often difficult or impossible to make or keep in stock), and information needed for your team to be successful.


I always represent the owner for the benefit of the horse(s). Issues concerning performance and lameness require a lot of experience and skill with working with various "independent" professionals who often have their own agendas. I focus on two things- First, I can arm you with an understanding of your options so you can make decisions which are in-line with your budget and abilities. Second, I can supply you, your farrier, and/or your veterinarian with the materials (i.e. specialized custom shoes, boots, etc.) and information which may be difficult or impossible for your team to supply.

Success Through Soundness Clinic Series:

My clinic series provides owners and veterinarians with demonstrations, information and discussions of modern and time tested hoof-care. Varied formats fit your needs from local 4-H to national events

Ralph Anthony
Professional Farrier Services
PO Box 186
Vernon, NJ  07462
(973) 725-9367
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