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"Put your horse's feet in good hands"

... dedicated to offering a common sense approach to maintenance of the
equine hoof, drawing on Natural Balance principles, traditional craftsmanship,
and the increasingly improved technology available in the farrier industry today.

Specializing in hoof care for the equine athlete. 

Over the years, I have found it very satisfying to shoe sport horses with emphasis on but not limited to:

  • Hunters           
  • Jumpers         
  • Dressage     
  • Eventers   

Since the horses I work with are athletes, a strong hoof wall, proper balance and a good blood supply make for a happy and sound horse.

The foot more than any other part of the horse is susceptible to injury, disease or “wear and tear”. Proper, timely hoof care can often make the difference between a sound performance horse and one with chronic lameness that takes time and money to remedy.  Services routinely offered are:

Barefoot Trimming - Natural hoof care for those who prefer to go without shoes.
Routine Shoeing - Offers protection, support and prevents excessive wear to the hoof.
Corrective Shoeing - Help solve some common hoof, leg and foot related problems and lameness.
Therapeutic Shoeing - Shoeing techniques that are customized for unique conditions of the hoof. 
Specialty Hoof care - Hoof cracks, resections, glue-on shoes and more.

Pledge to My Clients
I provide quality work on every horse and never rush through any job.  I continue my education and always strive to improve my skills by attending clinics, conferences & seminars.  I stay up to date on the latest procedures and technologies and use only the finest materials available on the market.   I am willing to consult with your veterinarian or trainer to meet the specific needs of your horse.  I've learned that customer satisfaction relies on much more than quality work.  Communication, responsiveness and treating each client with respect are all equally important to my successful business.



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Ralph Anthony
Professional Farrier Services
PO Box 186
Vernon, NJ  07462
(973) 725-9367


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